Vision+Skills+Incentives+Resources+Action Plan = Change

I came across the diagram below on a wiki page called Managing Complex Change (here).

It spoke volumes to me as we  teachers in Ireland come to grips with the ICT grant money being spent in our schools at the moment.

Look at your own school or your own practice and ask yourself – which of the experiences in the top line in blue you are going through? Confusion? Anxiety? Resistance? Frustration? Treadmill? Change?

Leveraging change in an education system is slow.

I am giving a lot of thought to the “vision” element of change at the moment – I am wondering are the digital literacy’s advocated by our National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (here) written in an outdated language that reflects an ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) view of ICT rather than a social media vision of ICT?

I have just completed my four week course in Howard Rheingold’s Social Media classroom (here) and now think in terms of intellectual augmentation, mind amplification, intelligent filtering and infotention. I have even revisited to social-bookmarking as a digital literacy of the early twenty-first century.

My vision is changing….

The diagram is attributed to Thousand J. & Villa R. in an article called Managing Complex Change towards Inclusive Schooling. I have searched for the article on academic databases and have not found it but Thousand and Villa have other publications in the area (here). If someone finds the reference I will happily publish it.


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  2. betty

    The Managing Complex Change model was adapted by Thousand J. S. & Villa R. A. 1995. in Chapter 4 Managing Complex Change Toward Inclusive Schooling in book Villa R. A. & Thousand J. S. Editors, Creating an Inclusive School. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Alexandria VA.
    They adapted the model from book by Ambrose, D. 1987 Managing Complex Change. The Enterprise Group. Pittsburg PA