Nearly three…

eLearningIsland is approaching its third birthday and I am in reflective mood!

The question on my mind – what has been the application that has benefited me most as a teacher-blogger over those years? The answer is Twitter.

The people I follow on Twitter and in particular those whom I connect with are now the life blood of this blog.

They keep me up to date, keep me in check and inspire me.

  • Twitter has taught me to filter – to make judgements about the good from the facile
  • Twitter has taught me to judge trends – to see what is concerning teachers and educators right now
  • Twitter is engaging, needs organisational thought and time management!
  • Twitter is not as easy to integrate into class as I thought but I and many other teachers are getting there!
  • Twitter is my Personal Learning Network – I look forward to filling an application form when it comes to the question “outline in-service courses attended, with supporting documentary evidence” – and attaching my Twitter-stream and (infrequent I admit) participation in #edchatie
  • Twitter is best explained by participation – tweeting a meeting is a great way to demonstrate its power
  • Twitter is only at its infancy in its possibilities – #edchatie recently examined pooling teaching and learning resources – a tsunmai of ideas and links
  • Twitter is without boundaries – you can offer social capital to your followers and share ideas from those you follow – whenever and wherver

…and so on…but at the end of the day Twitter is about people – the best that education has to offer – those teachers and educators, formal and informal who realise that they are always learners and that learning never ever stops – just like my Twitter stream!

I do want to mention one person, Fred Boss of #edchatie.

Fred, you have done the teaching community in Ireland and beyond great service. Thank you.


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