What do you want to hear?

I am one of a group of Primary and Secondary School teachers at the Ireland and UK MoodleMoot in Dublin.

What is it you would like to hear from (remote) keynote presenter and Moodle founder Martin Dougiamas this morning?

I ask this in a conference room where there will be many different groups of people representative of Universities, Further Education, the Corporate sector, Community groups. What will Dougiamas say that will meet our expectations?

I personally hope to gain a greater insight into Moodle 2 – to gain some more intuition around its functionality and the design philosophy behind it.

What do you want to hear? Please reply!


  1. Daisuke

    Not yet, I’m afraid, alogtuhh it’s one of my goals for the near future. There are two issues one is that conditional activities are tracked to an authenticated user, so even if I allow guest access to the course here, nobody outside my institution will be able to use it. The other issue is that I can put the course up on MOOCH, but because some of the design is a bit of a kludge and there are a lot of site-specific links etc, I’ll have to write a fairly comprehensive edits to make’ document before the Dailies will function in a different Moodle installation. Keep an ear out, because I will get there, but public access has always been one of my issues with it .

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