ICT and Social-media policy for school students

One of the issues that engaged a number of teachers here in Ireland at the end of the 2011/2012 school year in June was the whole question of Information and Communications Technology (ICT)  in secondary (high) schools and the intersection with social-media.

Issues were arising in schools and policies were needed.

While I was off-line (at least on the Blog) over the last six weeks or so, I have been gathering ideas and writing a template for an ICT and Social-media policy for secondary school students.

You can read and comment on it here. I would really like your feedback.

My primary source was Katie Lepi’s Crowdsourced School Social Media Policy Now Available (here). Her work is based on over four-hundred crowd sourced edits! I have specifically included her in the Creative Commons license.

I was also influenced by Doug Belshaw’s Acceptable Use Policy – feedback required! (here).The comments on his posting are very interesting!

I was inspired by Max Senge’s A hippocratic Oath for Techies & Policymakers (here). Its simplicity is its strength!

Please note that the draft policy is published under a Creative Commons license. You are free to take and adapt it as set out here
Creative Commons License
Draft (August 2012) Template for an ICT and Social Media Policy for Schools in the Republic of Ireland by Donal O’ Mahony is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Ireland License.
Based on a work at http://edudemic.com/2012/06/school-social-media-policy/

The photo is from topgold’s Flickr photostream.


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  2. Donal O' Mahony

    Thanks Trevor

    By its nature this type of policy will keep evolving…there is a change expected of schools in some type of BYOD/T practice.

    I am looking forward to the evolution – Thanks for promoting!


  3. Trevor Connolly

    Thanks for sharing this document Donal, it is an area that I hope to pursue myself this year. I’ve saved the link to allow for follow up and discussion.


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