Can you enforce a policy for parents/guardians of school-children?

As regular readers of this blog are aware, I have developed a cloud-sourced Social Media Policy for schools based on work that originated in the USA (original eLearningIsland post here).

I have rewritten it with schools in Ireland in mind (here) .

A number of comments suggest that I develop the policy for parents and teachers – I will do this over the next few months.

I have a question: Can you actually write an enforceable school- policy for parents?

Surely all you can wish from parents is that they support existing policies by discussing them with their children?

Many parents supply their children with unrestricted broadband access over wireless networks. I do. Surely though most have discussed an expected use policy with their children? Yes or No? In many cases I guess not.

Schools can help parents here – perhaps not with policies but with guidance – what do you think?

The picture above was circulated widely of Twitter over the summer of 2012. It is by Lynda Giddens.


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