SMILE – a journey of engagement…


This time last year a number of educators in Europe and I were involved in EuropeanSchoolnet’s SMILE project.

SMILE stands for Social Media in Learning & Education and the project was made possible through a Digital Citizenship Research Grant from Facebook.

The project had a number of impacts in my practice some of which I have written about before, but recently it influenced a decision of the Board of Management of Portmarnock Community School (where I teach) to ratify a social media policy for students.

That policy may be read here as a PDF or as a editable Google Doc here.

SMILE essentially was an online learning laboratory where teachers from Europe engaged collaboratively with content developed and taught by Ollie Bray. I met Ollie subsequent to SMILE and his enthusiasm online is matched face-to face!

The six key-video tutorials may be accessed here. I particularly recommend the final video: Challenge of Social Media Adoption in Schools.

EuropeanSchoolnet then worked through all the data captured and produced their report in the last few weeks. It is not online yet (if anyone wants a copy,  just drop me a mail at domahoATgmailDOTcom and I’ll forward you the PDF).

I will quote just one line from the research that resonated with some of the contributions I made in the online space….Adopting Social Media in Teaching & Learning is…a journey of engagement that starts with sharing information and leads eventually to authentic empowerment of teachers and students in the use of social media in the classroom and in their out-of-school learning.

The next phase of the project involves disseminating the results, part of the process being this posting!


  1. OllieBray

    Thanks for the mention – it was a great project to work on and its lovely to see how different groups of people from around Europe have taken the ideas and made them there own (and in many cases a lot better!). See you soon. Ollie

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