Embracing Google Glass in an Irish classroom…

I am reading more and more about wearable technology.

In a sense it has been with us for a long time especially in terms of listening to music, but in another sense it is becoming more pervasive with really interesting developments in terms of health and fitness.

It set me thinking about secondary-schools and about Acceptable Usage Policies whenGlass the first teacher or student arrives in wearing Google Glass. What to do?

Why not embrace it!

Vala Afshar recently published 14 Google Glass Innovative Use Cases in Education.

Afshar was talking of the University, but some of his uses are applicable in the Secondary-school. I will highlight three them. I recommend you have a quick look at his Slideshare below.

  1. Incorporate Glass into Athletics
  2. Provide a simulated experience to students of an intense event
  3. Create a club to design apps for Glass

Now, I would just love to bring a Google Glass or Glasses into the classroom, explore them with the students and brainstorm the possibilities they see! Please Google….

The image “Glass in the Class” is from Gary King’s blog here.


  1. Goglasses.fr

    We are totally agree with you Donal ! Google Glass or other smartglasses will change the education soon ! But the question is : are the teachers ready for those changes ?

  2. Donal O' Mahony

    Thank you, Nigel – I was being a bit provocative with that title – elearningIsland has lost a bit of momentum towards the end of term so I am trying to re-establish it with frequent posts and “interesting” titles.

    I agree with you about teachers reluctance but there always needs to be a champion out there pushing the edges – we see that at CESI and the various Teach-meets.

    I do think though its also about students – none of mine have seen this technology – I would really love to explore it with them and write it up!

    Perhaps its pushing the boat out too far – I do despair a little that we now have 100mb connections in schools with existing machines and NO wifi…. I think a modified BYOD (one device per group) is a way forward – but with no wifi…off topic! Thanks again Nigel

  3. Nigel Lane

    I would love to see how Google Glass could be introduced to classrooms… but what about teachers who are reluctant to embrace something as simple as an iPad? Or students who will “take advantage” of something as simple as a smartphone? I feel we are years and years away from seeing a “Glass”-like device making any sort of inroads into Irish classrooms.