Professional development: Walk-through/Walkabout!

A challenging educator I have come across on Twitter is Craig Kemp.

Kemp is an advocate of positive reflective change in teaching and learning. The piece that I first noticed from him was published on his blog last November. It was titled “Classroom Walkthroughs – Inspirational PD for your school“.

I had intended writing about his posting for the past-while and was reminded last weekend when Amy Burvall (on Twitter of course) wrote a posting (with some great graphics) called “PD Walkabout: A Tourist in One’s Own Land“.

Like Kemp, Burvall asks great questions!

  • What if we were able to visit other divisions and departments and do a little ethnography?
  • What if teachers could give tours of their classrooms, sharing examples of student work, discussing the learning spaces and their pedagogy?

Both educators give practical worked examples as to how we as teachers might go about this, in a way that celebrates learning by teachers, who appreciate themselves and their work in the classroom, as adult learners.

Both blogs are well worth reading and I would love to hear of examples from Ireland and beyond of teachers who have engaged in this type of process.

In Ireland we have many staff-meetings where teachers share aspects of practice. I wonder could we encourage a sharing of that practice into our classrooms? I’m sure its happening – anyone happy to tell us about it?

 Image credit: Amy Burvall, published in her blog posting cited above.


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