Competences for 21st Century Schools…

I completed European Schoolnet’s Future Classroom Scenarios course last Spring and was impressed with both what I learned and the learning I shared with others. They are about to launch a further three courses, one of which I am particularly interested in: Competences for 21st Century Schools (here).

Caroline Kearney introduces the course in the video below.

An example from Ireland of a competences approach to educational reform is Project Maths where students are allowed to “…to learn mathematics by thinking mathematically, particularly in concrete, real-life situations.” (KeyCaseNote Ireland (5) – 2013 here).

KeyCoNet (the European Policy Network on Key Competences in School Education) use a definition of competence from Hoskins and Deakin Crick, (2010)  ‘…a complex combination of knowledge, skills, understanding, values, attitudes and desire which lead to effective, embodied human action in the world in a particular domain.’

This particular course is relatively short, three modules over three weeks. From past experience I would say that you will need to engage online for at least two hours per week.

The other two courses are

How to teach Computing: An Introduction to Concepts, Tools and Resources for Secondary Teachers


Games in Schools

Both worthy of a look-in!

Hoskins B., Deakin Crick R., (2010) Competences for learning to learn and active citizenship: different currencies or two sides of the same coin?, European Journal of education, Vol.45, N°1, Part II, pp.121-138

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