…nurturing the expert, within our own schools

Mags Amond wrote an interesting piece on her blog about the hive of activity of teachers in Ireland are currently engaged in, each weekend.

Some of theses are Subject-Association conferences and administration, others are national educational events and yet others are celebrating a subject, like the recent Maths Fest.

Amond poses the question “…is the weekend becoming the new week? (in Irish Education at least)…” Interesting! Teachers were certainly very busy late September and early October this year.

The Professor of Educational Research Policy and Practice from Glasgow university was recently in Ireland. Kay Livingstone was talking about teacher professional development and she was asking a question about where were the professional conversations of teachers taking place?


It set me wondering about comfort zones and where teachers like to engage in professional conversations.

It will not in my opinion be good for education in Ireland, if professional conversations take place only at weekends amongst like minded, challenging and self-sustaining teachers.

They must take place as the Teaching Council says in their recent newsletter (citing Marion Dadds) by nurturing the expert within. I might add – by nurturing the expert within, our own schools.

I think we are in trouble as a profession if these conversations do not take place in schools, and particularly in the schools we teach in.

This is where the sense-making professional conversations will take place and lead to change. These will not be not massive steps at a time, but to use a sporting analogy I heard from another teacher, lead incrementally to “…an accumulation of marginal gains…

Just some thoughts!

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