Well placed research…


Sometimes there is a debate in education that a teacher might like to read a little more about from research journals, rather than the national media or other sectoral interest groups.

There are then two concerns

  1. Access to research…
  2. Where to look…

In Ireland, access to research databases, is available to registered teachers via the Teaching Council. Finding where to look, however, may be daunting especially, if this is your first time using academic databases.

The American Educational Research Association (AERA) had an interesting take on this recently.  There was a school shooting in Washington State and AERA made available fourteen peer-reviewed “no cost” articles to educators (here) to help them and their school communities develop a response to bullying and school safety.

A secondary benefit of AERA’s approach is that it puts selected scholarly research into the public arena at a time that greater thought and reflection may be needed.

I like this approach to research – a respected research body making available another form of support for the educational community.

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