Dónal O’ Mahony

with Gavin Brennan and Denise McKenna

Hi, my name is Dónal O’ Mahony and I am a secondary-school teacher in Portmarnock Community School, Dublin, Ireland.

I am also a post-graduate student in the School of Education Studies at  Dublin City University (DCU).

I teach History and Religious Education in Portmarnock and research in the area of Digital Media and Learning in DCU.

I am interested in

  • collaborative online learning
  • the representation of learning through the use of web 2.0 technologies

My Masters is in the former while my current research interests are in the latter.

Both Portmarnock Community School and DCU use Moodle as their online learning environment.

Moodle in Portmarnock has had a catalytic effect.  What I mean by this, is an increase in the rate of digital-media/online related activity in the school, both by teachers and students.

Digital animation is now a growing area of development in the school. Some of the work by our students and teachers can be viewed here.

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